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Green Wrythe Primary School

Spring chicken

Eggcellent half term.

EYFS are eggcited to tell you about their eggcellent half term, what a cracking time they have had! Ten little eggs arrived last week and they spent a couple of days waiting for them to crack... which number would it be? Suddenly one began to chip and a little beak started to pop out. It was a big struggle but then "pop" the first little chick was hatched. The other 9 came soon after - they were very tired! After 24 hours in the warm incubator they were transferred to their new home and the fun began. The children have all enjoyed cuddling them and finding out how to look after them - they helped to clean them out everyday and make sure they had water and food. They grew very quickly and soon it was time for them to leave and move to their new home with Fiona at Fiona's Therapy Farm. The children are looking forward to hearing about how they are getting on. Our Rainbow friends will be visiting them in the summer terms so we will get regular updates!