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Green Wrythe Primary School

Early Years Admissions

To apply for a place at our nursery please download the application form and return to the school office.

Nursery Brochure 2024-25

Nursery application form 2024-25


Main Early Years Foundation Stage Unit at Green Wrythe Primary school.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the period of education from birth to 5 years.

Our EYFS Unit ( one nursery class and one reception class) aims to provide opportunities for our children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society.

Our goal is to ensure that all children are happy and engaged. Through our curriculum, we provide an environment that allows each child to display high levels of concentration, creativity, energy and persistence. The rationale behind this is that high levels of well-being and involvement lead to high levels of child development and indicate deep level learning. ( Leuven Scales)

This curriculum concept should result in significant changes in a child’s learning capacity, leading to better outcomes in relationships and life in general.  We believe that children need rich opportunities to initiate ideas and activities so that they develop the learning characteristics that will support life- long learning. ( Characteristics of Effective learning- CoEL)

Through the EYFS curriculum that we provide, the children continually demonstrate their ability in;

  • Playing and exploring
  • Learning actively
  • & Creating and thinking critically

We hope that all children will be inspired and motivated to actively participate in the curriculum; experiencing enjoyment and transitioning into key stage one with the confidence and character to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

FAQs for new parents

Steps to starting school: 

A message from the School Nurse.