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Green Wrythe Primary School


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education at Green Wrythe

At Green Wrythe Primary School we endeavour to provide the best possible learning journey for every child. SMSC is the golden thread that weaves throughout our school and curriculum so that the children can 'be the best they can be'.

Our school values to be aspirational, caring, respectful, resilient, accepting and reflective exemplify the value of and our commitment to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children and adults.

Opportunities for this are embedded throughout our school environment and creative curriculum.

We know that SMSC development makes a significant contribution to our achievements, motivation and behaviour.

Here are some of the children's thoughts about the school:

  • I enjoy talking to staff.
  • It is a helpful and caring school.
  • All the teachers are nice and I have good friends to hang about with.
  • Some lessons are fun and the teachers are friendly.
  • Learning about new things and the football team.
  • It is the best school in the world and seeing all my friends and teachers and learning.
  • I enjoy Green Wrythe, we get along with each other.
  • Making friends from other classes and playing with some of my friends and I enjoy when we have to write narratives and newspaper adverts and stories!
  • We have a good headteacher.
  • I like our values because it teaches children the right way.

Here are some of the parents' thoughts about the school:

  • I think that this school works incredibly hard amidst lots of contextual constraints and cares deeply about the children they teach. It is well led by a very small team who engage and work with parents and advocate always for the children.
  • Both my kids enjoy school. The entire team includes teachers and the Head Teacher and the support staff are friendly and caring.
  • Rainbows is an amazing school who go above and beyond for their children and their families.
  • All the teachers are lovely, patient and caring. They worked so hard with our kids. They should be paid more.
  • My son is so happy to come to school like every day.
  • He really like all the teachers.
  • Thank you so much everyone for supporting my son.
  • My children are generally happy and enjoy going to school.

Here are some thoughts from our staff about the school:

  • I feel I can go to my head of department with any work or personnel issues. For advice and for any CPD.
  • The Head Teacher is always there when I need support, guidance or just an ear to discuss any issues arising.
  • Open door policy.
  • As a one-form entry school, this can be difficult, but I feel my line manager and I work well together and support each other.
  • Regular check-ins and support.
  • Have open conversations and supportive of personal development.
  • Consistently excellent support.
  • My induction was completed promptly, and I have had full support and guidance since starting.
  • During a time of personal bereavement, I had a lot of support.
  • Communication and understanding is good.