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Green Wrythe Primary School

Values & Vision

Our Values 

I am Aspirational

  • I know what it is to be aspiring
  • What are our hopes and dreams?
  • I recognise my strengths and weaknesses
  • I can share my achievements
  • I can do my best and persevere
  • I can be the best I can be

I am Caring

  • I know what it is to be caring
  • I care about myself
  • I care about everyone in my school
  • I care about my family
  • I care about my community
  • I care about my World

I am Respectful

  • I know what it is to be respectful
  • I can show my respect for my school
  • I respect myself
  • I respect similarities and differences between people
  • I respect my local environment

I am Resilient

  • I know what it is to be resilient
  • I can show courage
  • I can keep calm and carry on
  • I can find different solutions
  • I can learn from my mistakes
  • I can try new things

I am Accepting

  • I know what it is to be accepting
  • I am great just the way I am!
  • I can accept physical differences
  • I know that people are good at different things
  • I can accept cultural differences
  • I can celebrate differences

I am Reflective

  • I know what it is to be reflective
  • I am in charge of my own learning
  • I am responsible for my actions
  • I can be brave and truthful
  • I can consider the thoughts of others
  • I can learn and let go of mistakes